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Temporal control of gene expression by small RNAs

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Small noncoding RNAs (sRNAs) have begun to rival transcriptional factors with regards to numbers and regulatory scope in gene expression. Most bacterial sRNAs regulate multiple mRNAs by short seed pairing, and it is now well-established that many govern large post-transcriptional regulons. We know little about how sRNAs differ from transcription factors in terms of regulatory activities and biological meaning, but increasing evidence suggests that they impact timing and threshold behaviour in gene expression programs.


This project aims to understand how sRNAs shape the dynamics of global responses in the pathogenic model organism, Salmonella Typhimurium. We will focus primarily on the SigmaE-induced envelope stress response, but also investigate the SOS response to DNA damage, the stringent response to starvation, and the regulatory cascades that induces Salmonella’s genes for host cell invasion.


We will harness the power of RNA deep sequencing and in vivo cross-linking for genome-wide profiling of regulation at the levels of DNA and RNA in parallel. This will unravel temporal and directional differences in the regulation of individual genes at the transcriptional versus post-transcriptional level, and identify network motifs that interconnect these two layers in natural systems. Knowledge of these motifs will feed into a rational design of sRNAs that function as timing devices in synthetic control circuits.


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