Care-for-Rare Foundation

Patients with rare diseases present a particular challenge for medicine – diagnosis is difficult and for the majority of affected patients no cure is available. Mutations in the genome often and inevitably lead to early death – sometimes even in the first few years of life. Thus, research is of vital importance to shed light on the pathomechanisms and to lay the ground for the development of urgently needed therapies.
The Care-for-Rare Foundation for children with rare diseases is taking on those challenges. Supported by Nobel Laureates and under the patronage of  Federal Minister for Education and Research, Annette Schavan, the Foundation follows the mission that no child should die of a devastating rare disease – independent of ethnicity, religion, or wealth.
Thanks to the Care-for-Rare Foundation, many children throughout the world have been diagnosed with newly discovered genetic diseases and many could be rescued by use of novel therapeutic strategies.
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 Donations will go directly to children in need and research projects – without any deduction. Our biannual newsletter will inform you about our ongoing and completed projects.
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