Dr. Johannes Söding

Analysis and modeling of regulatory protein-DNA binding energy landscapes

Department of Biochemistry - Gene Center
Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich 
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 25 
81377 Munich


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The transcription rate of a gene is regulated by the coordinated binding of activating or repressing transcription factors at its promoter and cis-regulatory elements. To be able to understand the molecular computation which transforms factor concentrations into a transcriptional output, we need to know the precise binding affinities of the factors involved. Nutiu et al. (Nature Biotechnology 2011) have demonstrated a high-throughput method (high-throughput sequencing - fluorescent ligand interaction profiling, or HiTS-FLIP) with which one can measure the binding constants of a protein factor to tens of millions of DNA sequences at a time in a single lane of a high-throughput sequencer. Using this method, charting the binding landscapes of thousands of factors in humans and model organisms seems within reach. This should allow the accurate prediction of regulatory network topologies, factor binding strengths and transcription rates.


In the framework of the BioSysNet network, we will develop theoretical methods and software to analyze and interpret these measurements and to derive models parameterizing the binding landscapes that allow for the dependence between motif positions. We further plan to use HiTS-FLIP to analyze the cooperative binding energy landscapes of interacting pairs of factors. Our work will contribute to a quantitative modeling of transcriptional regulation and to enabling a system-level description of regulatory networks in development and disease.


Group members

Vincent Wolowski


Publications within BioSysNet

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Publications before BioSysNet

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