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Nucleosome positioning mechanisms in yeasts

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Models for the regulation of eukaryotic genomes have to include models for the most basic level of genome organization: the positioning of nucleosomes. Nucleosomes impede access to DNA and their positioning relative to functional DNA elements fundamentally regulates genomes. Recent genome-wide nucleosome maps underscored the high prevalence of well-positioned nucleosomes. However, the nucleosome positioning mechanisms are still unclear. Even more, we generated the first nucleosome map for the fission yeast S. pombe and showed by comparison with the budding yeast S. cerevisiae, that positioning mechanisms are not universal but evolutionarily plastic. So we need to unravel which mechanistic elements govern nucleosome positioning in different species. Recently, we established the genome-wide in vitro reconstitution of in vivo-like nucleosome positioning for S. cerevisiae. This system is a unique tool for biochemical and quantitative studies of nucleosome positioning mechanisms. Now we extend this approach to S. pombe for the biochemical identification of nucleosome positioning determinants in a comparative genomics cross-species approach.

Group members

Nils Krietenstein

Julia Pointner

Corinna Lieleg

Sebastian Sommer

Silvia Härtel


Publications within BioSysNet

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