Prof. Dr. Gil Westmeyer

Spatiotemporal control of mRNA levels

Department of Nuclear Medicine
Klinikum rechts der Isar

Technical University Munich
Ismaninger Straße 
81675 Munich


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Gene regulation is a logistic challenge for widely arborized neurons that need to follow local cues during their outgrowth, maintain regional homeostasis, and quickly respond to synaptic inputs at sites a great distance away from their cell body. Local mRNA storage and protein synthesis have been shown to be important for axonal guidance, synaptogenesis, and synaptic plasticity consistent with hypotheses on quasi-autonomous local protein synthesis in neurons. It has however remained technically challenging to identify the kinetics and function of local mRNA translation and understand the parameters of its regulation. In this project, we thus seek to develop a more efficient genetic method for spatiotemporal regulation of specific mRNA levels. This will be pursued by a combination of protein engineering and live cell imaging. The technique aims at enabling systematic analyses of regulation and function of local protein expression and may find broader applications in tissue engineering and interventional studies.

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Publications within BioSysNet

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