Prof. Dr. Anja Bosserhoff

Molecular understanding of malignant melanoma - Lessons from embryogenesis

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Melanoma is an aggressively disseminating cancer with high incidence still continuously rising. Melanoma cells derive from melanocytes, which originate from the neural crest and display several characteristics of neuronal cells. During embryogenesis melanoblasts, the precursors of melanocytes, reveal several “tumorigenic” features as they migrate actively and subsequently "invade" into the epidermis. These findings lead to our hypothesis, that only few but critical molecular alterations allow melanoma cells to "reinitiate and exploit" characteristics of melanoblasts, and therefore, a detailed understanding of neural crest differentiation and melanoblast migration will lead to crucial novel information of melanoma development and progression.


These pioneering experimental approaches are designed to discover novel central factors for melanoma development and progression, which have not been associated with the pathogenesis of melanoma before, and will result in a better molecular and cellular understanding of this biological system.

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Publications within BioSysNet

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Publications before BioSysNet

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