Prof. Dr. Rainer Spang

Algorithms, models and statistical methods for the analysis of genomic data in the area of tumor biology

Institute for Functional Genomics
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Cells in a tissue compound communicate through proteins, which are secreted by secretory cells and detected through receptors on the receipient cell. Immune cells communicate non-stop with nearly all cells of the human body. Cells within the tumor stroma communicate with the actual tumor cells and thereby influence their growth, their potential to devleop metastasis and also their therapy resistence. From the view point of a system biologist, these paracrine signals all resemble connections between intracellular networks. Within our BioSysNet project we are trying to computationally simulate the "language" of these cellular networks. In the long term, this knowledge should help to discover therapeutic alterations of the intercellular proteom in order to lower the therapy resistence of individual tumors. 

Group members

Benedict Anchang
Inka Appel
Peter Butzhammer
Julia C. Engelmann
Daniela Herold
Christian Hundsrucker
Philipp Knollmüller
Christian Kohler
Claudio Lottaz
Matthias Maneck
Katharina Meyer
Mohammad Javad Sadeh
Rainer Spang (head)
Tully Yates

Publications within BioSysNet

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Publications before BioSysNet

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